You need to check out this website!!

My daughter, Carol,  put me onto the very best web source I have found for music from currently-producing independent musicians. If you are a real music lover, get with right away. These cool people, who are very fun to deal with, distribute music in all genres for musicians who are operating without a big record deal.

Get this, they have over 260,000 artists in their catalog. Do a search on their catalog and you won’t believe the vast offerings in pretty much every genre you can think of. LOTS of Jazz. Some of the stuff that I listen to most frequently is out of the catalog.

The service is fast and very friendly. The prices are great (they run special deals all the time) and you will be providing support for the people who are on the forefront of the music business. An artist with a typical record deal gets roughly $1-2.00 per album. By leaving out the big corporate jets and executive stock options, is able to pay the artist $6-12.00 per album. To date, they have paid artists more than $98,000,000 in album royalties. THAT is supporting innovation and creativity.

Do yourself a favor and check it out. And tell them you heard about it on

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Why I pick the 50’s and early 60’s

When it comes to Oldies, my favorites are from the very early days as Rhythm & Blues and Doo Wop gradually morphed into Rock ‘n Roll and became the music of teenagers. I cut it off at the early 60’s because I think The Beatles, and the rest of the “British Invasion” changed Rock ‘n Roll forever. And not necessarily for the better, in some profound ways.

I am open to and, in fact, encourage debate on this. If I am going to offer up my opinions (e.g. no dead-teenager songs) then everybody else gets to offer his or her own. That’s what this is all about. Sharing our likes, dislikes and memories of the music that has been the background to our lives.

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Come on in and sit anywhere!

Welcome! We are here to talk about Music. I have music playing almost all the time. While the title says Jazz, I am a fan of Classical, Big Band, Swing, Rock ‘n Roll Oldies, Doo Wop, and even some of the old classic Country.  This is a place to share opinions, memories, sources and resources. Take a look around, speak your mind and let us know what YOU are listening to.

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