Bookmark this excellent database on Big Bands & Swing

Whether you are looking for song lyrics, hit parade lists, information on composers & performers or a list of currently woking bands, this huge, well-organized database is the place to start. Simply formatted, this compendium is easy to use and rich in fascinating information for any music lover. Go to Big Band Database [site now dead] and see what I mean.

**Update as of May 2013**

Unfortunately, Murray Pfeffer, the original builder and keeper of the database, passed away in 2008 and the link no longer connects to the database.

The best alternative I have been able to find, so far, is The Big Band Library, operated by music librarian Christopher Popa. Here is what Chris has to say about his effort:

Big Band Library is a website dedicated to and focused on the legendary big band leaders who made timeless music that continues to appeal to many people, including myself.
I am solely responsible for the creation and content of this website, and strive to write clearly, with accuracy, and cite my sources.  There is much good information here.  Copyright and all rights reserved.

Follow the link and enjoy the wealth of information and good memories shared here.

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