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Just a note to say I am still alive and listening to good jazz.

Just heard some great Bob James, and also a nice piece by Sophie Milman, one of the best new jazz singers to come along in a long a long  time.

here is the link to Bob’s website:


and to the website for the group Fourplay:


bob-james-in-session with Fourplay

Bob James in session with Fourplay

Doctor Dick's station

Doctor Dick's station

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Saw John Pizzarelli last weekend

John Pizzarelli
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I was in North Carolina this past weekend, visiting my buddy Doctor Dick and his wife Bobbie. Doctor Dick will soon be bringing his smooth style and personal remembrances back to the radio on WFSSFM.  Friday evening, we saw the John Pizzarelli Quartet peform as part of the Heart ‘n Soul of Jazz festival at Pinehurst Country Club in Pinehurst NC. Fantastic!

The room at Pinehurst CC is a great venue, with excellent sound for a performnce like this. John Pizzarelli is a singular talent, a true virtuoso on the guitar, a talented singer and a real cabaret performer, in the best sense. In addition to his regular quartet, the program included Jessica Molaskey, John’s wife, herself  a very talented singer with considerable experience on Broadway. She has wonderful control of her voice and can seemingly do almost any song.

The two play off each other in a delightful way and they treated a very appreciative audience to some entertaining medleys done in point-counterpoint fashion.

John & Jessica host Radio Deluxe with John Pizzarelli every weekend. The show sometimes takes place in the context of their personal lives, sometimes at a major performing venue like Lincon Center. It usually features friends and performers dropping by to talk, laugh and perform with John & Jessica. Great entertainment, available on podcast or broadcast by a long list of affilated radio stations. Check the link here for detailed information: Radio Deluxe Broadcast

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Another good movie soundtrack

You've Got Mail album cover
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As soon as I put up the post about the soundtrack for Sleepless In Seattle, another Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan movie came to mind. That is the romantic comedy You’ve Got Mail. The movie is clever and fun. Tom Hanks is always easy to watch and Meg Ryan is pretty cute in this part. there are some great people in the supporting cast. Look for Dave Chapelle in what, I am pretty sure, was his first movie role as Tom’s assistant at Fox Books.

The musical selections are terrific and, again, they really feed the story. Once more, like Sleepless In Seattle, the movie climaxes with the incomparable Jimmy Durante setting the mood with You Made Me Love You. It can’t get any better than that.

Listen to this lineup of performers: Harry Nilsson, Bobby Darin, Louis Armstrong, Roy Orbison, Stevie Wonder, Carole King, Billy Williams and Jimmy Durante. Also included, but maybe not as familiar, The Cranberries and Bobby Day (with Rockin’ Robin). Harry Nilsson is featured on three tracks and, if you have not given him a listen in recent years, by all means do so. He does The Puppy Song (cute), Remember (very pretty song) and one of the three best versions of Over the Rainbow you will ever hear. (The other two are, obviously, Judy Garland’s original from the movie, and Jane Monheit.

Jane Monheit, btw, is one of the best of today’s jazz, cabaret, ballad, swing & showtune performers. She tours with her own excellent band led by her husband, Rick Montalbano, and featuring his excellent custom arrangements. If you get a chance to see them live, especially in one of the small, intimate venues they prefer. her website has some good samplings from her impressive album catalog . Here is the link: http://janemonheitonline.com/ A Jane Monheit CD is always a safe investment.

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